AGC offers a variety of services and solutions for our clients: from branding & strategy to web design & development.


Branding & Strategy

This is the core element of your marketing and design campaign. You need to know to whom you are marketing and what you want to say that makes you different from your competitors. It also pays to develop a strong voice for your company and this voice should speak loud and clear through the materials you provide your consumers. Is your branding voice weak? Potential clients will not remember you, let alone take the time to respond. Putting in the time and research to optimize these core elements will help make the most of any marketing budget.

AGC has created numerous branding and strategy documents, as well as helped many clients better understand their business and the market in which it operates.

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Business Card Design

In the busy world of social networking, the business card is the concluding handshake between you and a potential contact. This is the final opportunity for you to bid for your contact’s attention and successfully obtain a piece of coveted real estate amidst the other business cards in their wallet and in their memory.

This is an important first impression; the business card design is often the opening interaction many clients have with your branding materials. As such, the design should be professional and include all the necessary contact information. It should reflect your business’s unique voice and stand out against all the other business cards vying for your contact’s attention.

AGC has designed hundreds of business cards, providing clients with a clean, professional, and effective appearance that will get their companies noticed.

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Brochure Design

Brochure designs are a good measure of any company’s branding, voice and content strategy. It is tempting to put “everything” in the brochure—only to end up with a cluttered, hard-to-follow mess. Consumers are pretty sophisticated nowadays, and have little patience for muddled content; they expect professional, clear materials, both visually and textually. An uninteresting brochure that lacks focus and is poorly designed will not hold their attention.

AGC helps direct clients not only on the design, but also on the content, so that these two facets reflect the synergy of your company as a whole.

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Poster Design

Nowadays, posters have to compete with smart phones.

That may seem like a lot of responsibility to lay on the shoulders of a single-point advertising technique, but posters are still a prevalent component of any strong marketing campaign. Why? For the same reason they are in competition with our mobile devices: they aren’t part of an endless jumble of pop-up ads, surveys, statuses, tweets, posts, news feeds, and chats.

Your consumer is going to glance up from the screen, and that split-second opening is the opportunity for your business to yank him/her out of the virtual world and make a real, lasting impression.

AGC helps clients create catchy posters that don’t overwhelm the user and communicate the messages and ideas that your company is working so hard to promote.

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Pop Up Banner & Trade Show Design

Pop-up banners and trade show booths serve a specific purpose: they are the backdrop to any event. Visual voice and marketing build a physical space around the central speaker for your presentation with the singular goal of enhancing what that speaker has to say. Pop-up banners and booths carry over half the burden of the presentation, since they get the passerby’s attention and relay information in its simplest terms.

Here at AGC, we work to make sure the design is clear, catchy, and easy to process, inspiring the consumer to seek out further information from the presenter and remember what your services/products are all about.

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Wordpress Web Design

The website operates as the central hub for your business’s online presence—providing access to: services, products, user communication, and resources.

Not only is the website a powerhouse for information distribution, but its design is a very different animal from the other design pieces we provide. Web design is a dynamic, living creature once it’s produced. This means that the design not only needs to carry the brand that your business has established, but also have the flexibility to grow and play creatively with information dispersal and evolve in its interactions with the ever-changing consumer. Web design combines the concision of visual marketing, the clarity of brochure components, and the comprehensiveness of the logo, with the interface of a virtual presentation. So…what exactly are we saying? Just this:

Web design is a BIG player when it comes to snagging customers and keeping them.

AGC will help you create designs that can convey the essentials to a finicky, click-happy potential consumer, as well as be there for returning users seeking out more in-depth information and resources.

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Wordpress Web Development

AGC creates sites for our clients in WordPress. This combines the technologies of HTML, CSS, Java, JQuery, MySQL, and PHP to ultimately provide the polished product that your consumer will get to know as your online presence.

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Wordpress Maintenance

This is an often overlooked, yet vital aspect to owning a WordPress-(or any CMS-) based website. They require updates periodically to keep the code current, the site secure and the usability intact.

AGC offers maintenance packages from 6 months to a year at a time to better serve our clients. AGC logs in twice a month to complete updates, test the updates, and perform any necessary fixes to make sure the site is running properly. Maintenance fees start at $100 a month.

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Wordpress Troubleshooting

Sometimes things go wrong.

Whether it’s a site that hasn’t been maintained for a while, or an update that causes a cascade of issues, it does happen. AGC has years of experience in code troubleshooting and correction: from theme and plugin conflicts to database and hosting errors, we work to get your site up and running as quickly as possible, and your business back in the game.

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