About A Girl Creative Design

Tiffany Anderson

Designer/Developer, Technical Consultant – AGC owner

Utilizing her BFA in Communication Design from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and a wealth of practical experience, Tiffany has been managing projects, crafting designs, developing content and acting as the key supportive contact for clients since 1999. She emphasizes communication and establishing a solid plan of action from the start, so she can deliver successful solutions to her clients’ design & development problems.

Since 2006, Tiffany has worked in the WordPress platform with a multitude of clients: from small startups to international communities with multiple stakeholders. She strives to provide technological web based solutions to client issues through research and understanding of the technology all the while keeping an eye on budget & the effectiveness of the solutions provided.

Favorite Food: Tiramisu
Favorite Movie: Amelie
Favorite Travel Spot: Paris, France

Joshua Kendall

Project Management, Creative Direction, UI/UX, Primary Project Contact

As a seasoned problem solver, Josh brings clarity to every step of the process by ensuring everyone is aligned—every step of the way. He is a creative catalyst that loves to echo back the business objectives to find a solution that also fits the end user’s needs and experience. As a creative consultant he ensures the design and messaging are expertly tied to the systems and functions needed for a dynamic website.

Josh has a passion for helping brands tell their story. His prior experience includes working at Craftsy.com, a Denver online education/eCommerce start-up, where he managed a team responsible for the creation and launch of over 300 online classes per year; Served as a Brand Manager and member of the senior leadership team; Been an Art Director for a TBWA Ad Agency in Bangkok, Thailand; and is seasoned Video Producer for over 20 years.

Favorite Food: Thai Food
Favorite Movie: 5th Element
Favorite Travel Spot: Big Bend National Park, Texas

Chad Lamson

Development Master

Chad has helped businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs build and maintain scalable websites that deliver results. From helping manufacturers increase customer demand and sales, to helping local food banks better serve their communities, he has the experience it takes to make sure your project exceeds expectations. Chad is the AGC team development heavy hitter for items like custom API work, custom search and display features and really, just about anything you can dream of but can’t figure out how to make happen.

Favorite Food: Tex-Mex
Favorite Show: The Office
Favorite Travel Spot: Rockport, TX

Dustin Scarbrough

Development Assistant

Passionate, friendly and professional: Dustin has been working with the AGC team for a year and a half assisting the development of a number of websites.

Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Show: Step Brothers
Favorite Travel Spot: Rome, Italy