WordPress for business sites and beyond.

WordPress isn’t just for blogs anymore. I get asked frequently when dealing with new and potential clients about whether WordPress will really work for them and their websites. I guess it depends on what your needs really are, but consider this: many many sites, from even enterprise level businesses are using WordPress! Gold’s Gym is an excellent example. In fact to date, about 37% of websites are using WordPress. That’s a lot. Do you want to be able to edit your website’s content? Check. Do you need to be able to control what users can publish to your website? Check. Do you want security to be a priority as well? Check!

Yes, it started out as a blogging platform. But over the years, it’s become clear that WordPress had some capabilities that made it a very powerful content management system. It’s something that the folks over at WordPress.org started to really address to make that even more of a reality. It’s a system that even the least tech savvy user can learn to use quite easily. With companies that have a wide variety of users this is a plus. WordPress also gives you a way to add content dynamically – twitter feeds, facebook feeds etc. are all very simple additions to your WordPress website. On top of all that, it’s a free system with updates readily (and easily) available.

Because of the explosion in popularity, loads of add ons are available, from custom galleries, to hard core security. With the powerful ability to build custom theme designs, as well as custom content options to be published to your site, the sky really is the limit!

It’s a great CMS and I recommend it without hesitation to my clients and anyone else considering a content management system for their business.