The Power of Color!

When working with clients, there are many things that we have to consider when we’re doing our design. One, who are we trying to reach? What do we want them to do? Buy something? Contact the business for more information or to schedule a meeting or service? These are the most important elements to consider. So how do we do it? And what DO WE consider? I’ll be writing more articles about this, but today, I’m going to discuss color.

Sometimes a client will come to you with strong branding already established. Part of that strong branding will be a color palette. There are other times that they don’t. Whether they just never worked to address it, or it wasn’t in the budget, if they’ve come to you for a web design, the discussion can (and should) come up.

Color is not just about the mood of the site, but the mood of the business. Are they targeting parents of children looking for child care? Are they a banking business trying to reach the masses and portray an image of stability and longevity? We’re trying to motivate our visitors right? So what happens if they come to a banking site that’s fuschia because it’s the CEO’s daughter’s favorite color? Nothing good, I can assure you. But this doesn’t mean that we need to get locked into the stereotypical blue/green palette because these colors are calming and frankly, stereotypical of a bank.

Color should be used after examining these elements. Recently, a client of mine wanted a calm color palette. Something elegant. And in this case, her requests worked in her favor. Her site needed to be more about providing high quality information because her aim was to provide a resource for her clients and potential clients about mental health issues, and how food and nutrition plays a very important role in that. So the site design kept with a soft/organic color palette.

Picture of Tina Moody Web Design


This site build is in the works, but you can see how the color and overall design really plays out here. Conversely, you can something like a casting director who wants to look more hip, but professional so we created a bright color palette to help convey that message.

Casting Works Web Design
Website designed and then implemented on the wordpress platform.

So be sure you consider what you’re trying to say and who you’re trying to reach. Color will play a big role in that!