The Power of Design Process – Scheduling

Every so often I take a couple hours to go to a *gasp* retail bookstore and sit and read, as well as pick up some new materials. On a recent trip, I came across “The Strategic Designer” by David Holston. A more cerebral investigation of what makes a good designer, particularly with regard to process.

I would be the first to admit that process has not always been my forte. I had to do a tremendous amount of reading on the subject as after I decided to go out on my own process became even more important. I no longer had the advantage of an art director, or creative director walking me through the stages of the project and keeping me on point, I now was the person responsible for keeping me on point.

Clients benefit from our industry being on point with process in a number of ways. First off, we really do need a schedule and deadlines. This not only aides us in arranging our work days, but also does three things directly for the client: gives them accountability for the deadlines they’ll need to adhere to, eases anxiety about “when” they’ll be seeing the layouts, changes, etc. and keeps the end game in mind. Like when we’ll be done, done. This is a key element in small business process.