The Case for the Design All-Rounder

It’s been a little while. I was starting to reconsider blogging at all, but recent events have made me think otherwise.

So, I have been freelancing a long time. I have had clients and projects come and go. Many different kinds of clients, and many different kinds of projects. I have done many things to stay abreast of the changing design aesthetics, process, software, and focus of the industry.

I’m here to tell you, that if you’re a designer reading this, I hope you do this too.

The great thing about where I am, and what I’ve done, is I can jump into just about any project now and understand the fundamentals of what’s happening and have my own ideas to contribute. I have seen many designers get employed at an agency, work in one niche for years, and then find it hard to find another job that fits that niche.

I guess I just feel like if you want flexibility, with the “what, when, how” of your career, it is time very well invested. Understand the mediums (all of them).