AGC offers a variety of services and solutions for our clients. From branding & strategy to web design & development.


Branding & Strategy

This is the core element of your marketing and design campaign. You need to know who you are marketing to, what you want to say to them that makes you different, and have a voice in your materials that makes them want to respond to you and your company. It’s well worth the time & research to really understand those core elements to make the most of any of the marketing budget. We’ve creating branding documents, strategy documents and worked with clients to really understand their own business and their markets.

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Business Card Design

Business card design is really one of the first interactions some customers may have with your branding materials. As such it should be professional with all the necessary contact information on there. It should have a voice of it’s own, and stand out when you put it next to all the other cards your customers might be encountering throughout their day. AGC has done hundreds of business card designs for clients to give them a clean, professional appearance and get them the attention they need.

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Brochure Design

Brochure designs are really a good measure of any companies branding, voice & content strategy. It’s easy to want to “put everything in there” and end up with a cluttered, hard to follow piece of literature. Consumers are pretty sophisticated nowadays: they expect professional, clear materials. A brochure that has no focus, has poor design and is not interesting will easily lose them. We help direct clients not only on the design, but the content for brochures as well so that the design and content work in synergy.

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Poster Design

Posters need to catch your eye. Too often we’re looking at our phones, distracted with social media or the flashing of something or other. Posters have to compete with all of that, and still make a mark and get you interested enough to explore what you, the marketer, are trying to convey. AGC helps clients make catchy posters that don’t overwhelm the user and get them to look into what your event/service/product is that you are working hard to promote.

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Pop Up Banner & Trade Show Design

Pop up banners & trade show booths serve a specific purpose: they are the backdrop to a show, or other event, and they need to still have your voice, but they are more a spatial enhancement to get your attention and convey your business to consumers in the simplest of terms. We work to make sure the design is clear, catchy, and not overwhelming for the consumer and inspires them to come talk to you and remember what your services/products are all about.

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Wordpress Web Design

Web design is a different animal to the other design pieces we provide. Web design is a dynamic, living creature once it’s produced. So the design should carry through the brand that you have established, but also have the flexibility to grow, be playful, and be creative with demonstrating the information, and the interaction.

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Wordpress Web Development

AGC creates sites for our clients in Wordpress. This includes the combination of technologies of HTML, CSS, Java, JQuery, MySQL, and PHP.

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Wordpress Maintenance

This is an underdone & important aspect to owning a Wordpress (or any CMS) based websites. They require updates periodically to keep the code current, the site secure & the usability intact. AGC offers maintenance packages from 6 months to a year at a time to help serve our clients. AGC logs in twice a month to perform updates, test the updates & make any necessary fixes to make sure the site is running properly. Maintenance fees start at $100 a month.

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Wordpress Troubleshooting

Sometimes things go wrong. Either it’s a site that hasn’t been maintained for a while, or an update that causes a cascade of issues, it does happen. AGC has years of experience in code troubleshooting & correction: from theme & plugin conflicts, to database errors, to hosting errors, we work to get your site up and running as quickly as we can.

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